Liquid Limes

We have a full range of Lime products for the export market. Our Lime is quarried from some of the most pure sources available in the world which are found around Buxton, Derbyshire, U.K. Our standard specifications call for some of the highest quality standards available for Lime. Our LIMBUX™ Hydrated Lime (Calcium Hydroxide) comes with a minimum 95% purity while our CALBUX™ Quicklimes (Calcium Oxide) are between 92 and 94% pure. Our LIMBUX™ Hydrated Lime is a fine powder while CALBUX™ Quicklimes are manufactured in grades between a nominal 15mm granular down to a 93 micron fine powder. We are usually able to match a customers particular requirement to one of our products.

All products are quality assured under our ISO 9001:2000 certification and we also hold an Environmental accreditation to ISO 14001:1996

At our quarries we have a full technical team which is able to give both present and new customers advice and help. This is backed up with our own internal laboratories which check our products regularly as required by our ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance Certification.

Types of Products and Grades
Lime comes as 3 different chemicals which can then be manufactured to different grades

Chemical name Calcium Oxide (CaO),
other common names; un-slaked lime, burnt lime, white lime
Our CALBUX™ Quicklime is made in many different grades from lumps through to granules down to fine powders.

Hydrated Lime,
Chemical name Calcium Hydroxide (Ca(OH)2),
other common name slaked lime.
Our LIMBUX™ Hydrated Lime is made to the highest specification giving a purity of over 95%

Chemical name Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)
Limestone comes in many different grades from large rocks through to lumps and granules down to fine powders.
CALBUX™ Quicklime and LIMBUX™ Hydrated Lime are used in many processes including:-

Manufacture of -
Brake Linings
Mortars & plasters

In the processing of -
Drinking Water
Effluent and waste water
Ores including gold
CALBUX™ Quicklime

In the manufacture of :-
Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
Metals including gold
Non-ferrous Metals
Lime Wash / White Wash

In the processing of:-

Flue gases

Hydrated Lime is also used in the processing of:-


In the construction Industry for:-

Land reclaimation
Soil stabilisation
In agriculture for ph control as a slow release fertiliser

From solely an 'Exporting' view point we have exported this product in several different grades for agricultural use as a slow release fertiliser for ph control

All products are manufactured under quality assurance scheme to our ISO 9001:2000 certification and also under Environmental accreditation to ISO 14001:1996

CALBUX™ Quicklime and LIMBUX™ Hydrated Lime meet the requirement of the following standards:- as a CL90-S lime of EN 459 as water treatment chemicals of EN 12518

Packing Sizes

All products are available in bulk and in Big Bags of 1000kg and 25Kg bags. Other sizes of Big Bags are also available such as 1100Kg bags of CALBUX and 800Kg bags of LIMBUX for shipping in 20ft ISO containers. 25Kg bags are usually palletised in 40 bag (1MT) units and shrunk wrapped.

Full Container Loads (FCL) for a 20ft box of 25Kg bags are:

LIMBUX™ backed in 800Kg Big Bags 16MT
CALBUX™ varies between 20 and 25MT depending on the grade selected.
CALBUX™ in 1000Kg Big Bags 20MT
CALBUX™ in 1100Kg Big Bags 22MT
Pallets are usually the standard 1000 x 1200mm size