Quickfix Drum Taps


The specifications of the taps are as follows:

  • A ¾” BSP fitting with a Nitrile washer and Back-locking nut supplied on request
  • An easy to use ‘open/close’ spigot with clear labelling
  • A ‘lock hole’ which can be used to lock and tap in the ‘closed’ position using a pin or small padlock
  • A barbed nozzle to fit a 3/8” hosepipe.
  • Available in natural (white) and black finishes

It is composed of two components (excluding the washer and back-locking nut), a main body and a spigot with an ‘open/close/ tab at the top. The spigot sits inside the main body and is held in place by an internal rim on the main body which ‘clips’ into a groove near the bottom of the spigot. The turning action is aided by petroleum grease, which lubricates the components. The taps are made entirely from one material, a Copolymer Polypropylene (ethylene). This is durable, hard wearing and is known to have good chemical resistance.

  • Quickfix ¾” Polypropylene Drum Taps
  • Application – Liquid
  • Essential oils, flavours, fragrances, homebrew and other liquid foodstuffs, petroleum based products including oils, solvents, thinners and other chemicals.
  • Available in natural (white) or black finishes
  • Intergrated ¾” BSP thread with a nitrile washer.
  • Back-locking nut supplied on request
  • Easy to use open/close spigot with clear labelling to ensure fast flow and non-drip
    Lock hole mechanism
  • Barbed nozzle
  • Made from copolymer polypropylene (ethylene)