Salt Distributor

(Sodium Chloride) Products

We export a comprehensive range of high purity white vacuum salts (sodium chloride). Typically 99.9% pure and low in sulphate and other impurities, the high standard of our salt (sodium chloride) helps our customers get the best out of their own processes.

All the products we make are quality assured under the new ISO9001:2000 standard and our food grade products have BRC Global Standard Certification.

UV Salt - Undried vacuum salt, only available in bulk
PDV Salt - Pure dried vacuum salt Available grades: food, industrial, microfine, iodised.
All grades are organic Granular and Tablet Salt our Grades of water softening salts.

We maintain two major operating standards throughout our Salt Business, namely ISO9001 and BRC Global Standard - Food Issue 4.
Our products are Kosher and Halaal certified.
Animal Feed Accreditation.
The UFAS working committee have stated that a company making food grade products and that has BRC accreditation will not need to hold FEMAS accreditation.Company statements on quality, environmental and other policies are available on request for auditing and due diligence purposes.

Bag sizes:- Standard - 25kg low density polyethylene bag.
49 x 25kg bags on a pallet. Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs or Big Bags) are available in 1000kg and 1200kg sizes for PDV and Granular. IBCs can be loaded either with or without a pallet. Full Container Loads (FCL) for a 20ft box are 24.5 MT of palletised product or 24MT of product in Big Bags. Other Smaller bag sizes are available on special request. Pallets conform to British standard size of 1200mm x1000mm. Plastic pallets can be supplied using high quality plastic, for use in the food industry where wood is sometimes not allowed in the processing area. Stretch hooding is standard for all our packed products and ensures a neat and stable pallet.


Water Softening
Salt (Sodium Chloride) acts as the regeneration material in ion-exchange water softening equipment. For domestic and small scale commercial water softening go to our Granular and Tablet range of products. Industrial water softeners employ large scale saturators and will usually take PDV salt.

Food & Drink
Salt (Sodium Chloride) is a well known flavour, preservative and a texturiser.

PDV, Granular and Tablet salt all play their part in the food manufacturing processes either as a food ingredient or as a water softening salt used on the plant.
Chemicals & Manufacturing Used in many manufacturing processes and as a raw material in the chemical industry

Textiles & Dyes
Salt(Sodium Chloride) is added when dying cotton and viscose textiles to assist in fixing the dye. In dye manufacture, salt can be used to bring the dye out of solution at the end of the manufacturing process, a technique known as 'salting out'. Salt can also be used in the 'standardisation' of dye mixes, to ensure uniformity of dye strengths between different batches. Finally, salt is sometimes used as a grinding agent to reduce the dye compounds to a powder.

Personal Care & Health
Principle uses of salt (Sodium Chloride) in personal care products are in the manufacture of soap, bath salts and as a viscosity modifier in shampoos and bath foam. Salt is also used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, dialysis solutions and for dehydration therapies. Most of the above chemical applications use PDV salt.

Water Treatment
Large scale industrial plants need softened water for use within their processes. Salt (Sodium Chloride) is used in the regeneration of industrial water softeners to ensure a steady feed of soft water to the plant.

Hides & Skins
Salt (Sodium Chloride) is important in the production of high quality leather and sheepskins, and is used in various stages of the process. The fresh skins are sprinkled with salt as a preservative. Salt is used in conjunction with acid in the 'pickling' stage to prevent the hide from swelling. Salt is also used when scouring raw wool as it enhances the performance of the detergents used in the process.

Aluminium Smelting
Salt (Sodium Chloride) is used in the smelting process to reduce the melting point of ore.

Oil Drilling
Salt (Sodium Chloride) is used in drilling muds in oil fields. Muds are necessary to Lubricate and cool the bit during the drilling and are usually water based. The majority of these manufacturing processes use PDV salt.

Animal Nutrition

Salt (Sodium Chloride) is used as an essential ingredient in the well being of many animals.

Salt (Sodium Chloride) has long been known to reduce the freezing temperature of water, salt will clear ice from pathways and roads to make them safe.