Spruce Water Filtration Systems

Filter Clear Water Filtration Systems
The Spruce Filter TM technology that was initially developed by the late Fred Spruce; a world renowned Chemical Engineer and former research scientist to clarify water whilst working in the development of innovative fuel cells.

The filter has now been specified by some of Europes largest organisations and has now become the 'benchmark' for media filtration. The filter operates as a dual method filter, removing solid matter by both mechanical retention and surface absorption.

The filter bed is made of 4 layers of inert natural media that have an increasing density, a decreasing particle size and specific shape factor. As the media has a naturally high ‘Zeta Potential’ negatively charged micro-organisms such as cryptosporidium and legionella are initially removed by the highly effective mechanical filtration layers and then supported by the surface absorptive layer.

The filter is cleaned by way of its unique self leveling, low volume backwashing system that uses 0.5 – 1.0% of the forward flow for 15 minutes.

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